Sustainability Commentary

Why “Going Green” is not enough  article publication while working for Vermonters For a Sustainable Population

At first, the article was featured on the organizations website as well as UVM’s OutReach blog.  After the pieces’ initial success, I was fortunate to have my work reach Vermont Digger, a reputable Vermont-based webpage.  The article for VTDigger that explored the difference in a person’s carbon footprint based on either having one less child OR engaging in “green living” was one of my professional highlights and represents my first piece of published work in the environmental field.   This piece of commentary is based off a study conducted at Oregon State and features many of the initial findings and scientists that Dr. Paul Murtaugh wrote in the study.



Recyclable Electronic Waste Facility at Champlain College’s Library proposal 

During last year’s earth week, I was asked to team up with  members of Champlain College’s Eco-Representatives program in brainstorming campus-orientated sustainability initiatives.  My good friend Nathan Burke and myself came up with a proposal for an E-waste drive that would take place on Champlain’s campus and promote proper recycling of technologies that contain materials that must be sensitively and properly disposed of.

Our proposal of an intended E-waste drive features metrics to measure success of the project, while including a rationale for the location and timing of the proposed project!

Miller Information Commons E-Waste drive

e waste