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Old Spokes home and Bike Recycle VT Merger awareness and  Marketing Outreach recommendations:

Premise: The merger between Old Spokes Home and the non-profit organization Bike Recycle Vermont a key step for the Burlington community in providing access to affordable bikes that underprivileged individuals could use.  However this event was not publicized as effectively as possible, leading to the organization to look for tips on how they could better promote the merger and increase bike donations to Bike Recycle VT through customer donations at Old Spokes Home.

Objectives:   Old Spokes Home’s new assistant manager had been tasked with bringing to light the work that the Burlington Bike Project produces, and additionally the merger between Old Spokes Home and Bike Recycle VT that had just occurred in the last year.  Working with 2 other colleagues, our small survey research team conducted surveys  with Old Spokes home customers and with the Burlington community to gage current awareness of the merger and what Old Spokes should focus on to establish their brand advantage compared to other bike shops in Burlington.

Results:  Our group was able to produce sufficient findings about awareness levels and what customers value in their bike shops.  After thorough analysis of our findings we presented our research and recommendations to Christina Hill, with recommendations based around Old Spokes’ focusing on their bike expertise proving the validity of our recommendations.  Many of our recommendations were incorporated  by the organizations and can still be seen today on various social media sites and their continued outreach regarding Bike Recycle’s initiatives.

Here is a link to the document of the full document that was given to the Burlington Bike Project:  OldSpokesFinal (1)


old spokes

Pledge-a-Thon Marketing Campaign designed for Idle-Free Vermont

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The most recent non-profit project I participated in was a full-fledged in-school campaign directed at parents of Vermonters in efforts to help reduce idling in school zones.  Tasked with this, my small marketing group decided the most adequate strategy for effectively raising awareness of the negative side effects of idling was to focus on the effects of idling on youth.  With the help of Idle-Free VT board members, we were able to successfully analyze and harness idling and health statistics in hopes of basing a campaign around what we found.

In the spirit, we proposed that Idle-Free VT partnered with local High Schools in a “pledge-a-thon” in order to have the students be more informed of the issues and to have the kids talking to the adults about the issue of Idling through getting pledges from local community members.

idle free pledge
Example  of newspaper ad encouraging pledging

It was an incredible opportunity for me to work with a company so committed to curving one of our society’s most ingrained pollutants, and only further reassured me of the marketing opportunities to do good in this world through the social marketing tactics deployed throughout the campaign.

The piece was well received by Idle-Free, and has potential to be put into action very soon according to several at Idle-Free VT.

The full “Pledge-a-Thon” can be viewed below:
Idle-Free VT Breif