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Champlain College has given me many different opportunities to apply what I learned in the classroom to the real-world through collaborations with various Vermont-based companies.  In addition,  my internship experience with the Non-Profit  Vermonters for a Sustainable Population, gave me a chance to break into the environmental field I hope to enter professionally when I graduate and understand how Non-Profit organizations approach marketing strategies compared to for-profit entities.

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Here is an example of marketing recommendations I have made during my time at Champlain that was created for use by a for-profit business:

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy and Recommendations for Hemetic Trading Co. 

This task of creating fitting and engaging digital content was my first true exposure to the world of SEO and creating content that was designed solely for internet use.  This first exposure came in the form of analyzing and reevaluating the online presence of Hemetic Trading Co., a Burlington VT based apparel company.  Paired with partners Kieran Lynch and Nick Coutu, we were able to create online content that addressed a wide variety of platforms that Hemetic was previously under utilizing.

hemetic seo words
Example of our created Google AdWords for Hemetic’s use

After targeting Hemetic’s weak spots, we were able to create content directly focusing on these areas.  Through creating various mock-ups for the company, we were able to stress how the company could better harness their already existing online presence.  One of our paramount recommendations for the company was for them to focus promotional content around monthly themes in order to highlight the wide variety of clothing and apparel that the company had to offer.  Recommendations for Hemetic also included website suggestions and a process map based off our recommendations that the company could follow

hemetic facebook ad
Created Facebook ad for Hemetic’s use

Additionally to our recommendations, we were able to provide psychographic and demographic information to Hemetic through PRIZIM and VALS analysis to help them better determine their target market.  The entirety of the project can be found in the attached document: HemeticFinalPaper


Marketing/Company Positioning recommendations for The Sticky Brand  

stickyyyy brand

Partnering with a small group and an employee from The Sticky Brand, I was tasked with helping the company to create new recommendations that would allow the company to boost their exposure to the public and also prove to businesses that they should conduct business with The Sticky Brand

To do this, we recommended that the company highlighted the fact that their stickers were not mass produced predominantly through guerrilla marketing initiatives in the streets of Burlington.  Additionally, we addressed the language of their catalog that is distributed to businesses to properly ensure that new companies would be able to understand the distinct advantages offered by the fact that The Sticky Brand  could provide adequate customer service due to their local presence.

What our small work team was able to do for the company was highlight their competitive advantage and how to properly emphasize this in their outreach campaigns.  We made it paramount that Sticky Brand highlights the physical differences that the company can provide by being small-scale: they can provide higher quality products and provide more customization and better customer assistance compared to their large competitors.  From there, we tied in how Vermonters and Vermont Businesses still value local flavor in their distributors and encouraged the company to highlight their Vermont Roots.

Our recommendations were well received and may likely  influence future operations at The Sticky Brand.  The work for the company is highlighted below in documentation of our findings: