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me and muryI am current college student wrapping up my senior year and am looking to make a ripple in the field of environmental business. While this is an incredibly stressful time for me, this blog has given me an opportunity to share personal anecdotes while staying focused on the road ahead.

Growing up with a strong connection to nature through all the time I spent outside has molded my passions around protecting the environment, and I hope to explore the work environment associated with the field. Growing up with two parents very involved in music (on two different spectrums) also instilled musical principals, and i couldn’t be happier, as I now harness these passions in my free time. Currently, I am in the process of writing my first album and hope to be sharing some of that music on this blog too! (if I can ever finish it!)

Whatever my hobbies be, the fact of the matter is that I am graduating very soon, and I need a job that fits my passions and skills that I have devloped in the last 4 years. And while I am freaking out on a daily basis, I believe that because of my non-profit work experience that has exposed me to the major issues/challenges in the sustainability sector, combined with the marketing and job applicable skills I learned at Champlain I can do Non-Profit Marketing and policy development better than my college graduate peers seeking a marketing job in the environmental field, and hopefull will land a dream job soon enough.

Enjoy my blog, and feel free to reach me with any comments you may have through my email: ajnathanson93@gmail.com






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